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Pq é bom demais poder reencontrar os amigos 😍#assistenciadehoje #welovephotography #welovemovies #welovefriends
❤️Happy Day❤️Stupid my lady accidentally dropped her iPhone in the kitchen sink🤮that made it impossible for her to access internet by her iPhone till she got the replacement😑There were 2 miracles happened here as you see😊PinchTeddie returned us becoming the adorable key ring figure😍OMG!😍This is the very special heartwarming gift from @heeruna_shihtzu , together with Heeru & Runa super lovely magnet & a cat handkerchief, a Korean beautiful traditional clothing figure and the adorable bag in a treasure box😄🐶😆😍❤️My lady is screaming around with joy (too noisy so I ran away!!)🌈Unbelievable!🌈this is also something the beautiful horuragi shelter is working on, collecting donations for rescue doggies 🌟🐶👅our hearts are so moved by her beautiful mind🌟🐶👅THANK YOU so much, Sorea!!☺️☺️...And why me smiling in a drawing??😎This is also #awkward_hairstyles  😎My lady asked a painter 👩‍🎨 who is also a storyteller, to organize my portrait😍The magnificent artist 🤩 is passionately devoting herself in the rescue of doggies 😖who are put in a desperate situation😖, and also a key member of the shelter which kindly rescued FabRon in 2016. 😎By drawing the portraits the painter is working on fundraising to provide medical cares and other necessary things to ensure rescue dogs😎My lady received the two special miracle gifts, one from Sorea and the other from the painter, both of who are working on dog rescues, on the same day😆And real me was, on my lady’s discretion, full of hair decorations 😑Let It Be!😑After all, a Honeydew🍈 makes my day😋 We are the special agents who are jointly working on fun things like 🐰#rabbitgang  #rabbitmafia  🥕: @wendyoblouk ✈️ @oscarandfizz @heeruna_shihtzu @skipperino_dogworld @leashihtzu @mayanelmoll @giuntacarol_charlie_rescuedog @dottycoles1966 @jojothecockerspaniel and his pony Tex 🐎🎨🌸🌼🌻🌺🌹🌷💐🎋🐇🐾🐴🐶🐽👅👅Ah! 🤫🤫My lady’s hot water problem is now fixed 🤭🤭Ah? Am I to bathe anytime?!?!🤭🤭 #miracle  #friendship  #rainbowbridge  #smile  #smiledog  #welovefriends  #rescuedog  #adoptdontshop  #dontshopadopt  #family  #happyday  #oops  #joy  #thankyou  #portrait 
Took these cuties to Provo Beach Resort. We love them as much as we love ice cream!!!! Which is a lot!

#ProvoBeachResort #IceCream #SummerDays #WeLoveFriends
Duh, you are ☀️ And the love that they give and have is shared and received - Joey Tribbiani #welovefriends 💁🏽‍♀️ @knaeckebrot500
Duh, you are ☀️ And the love that they give and have is shared and received - Joey Tribbiani #welovefriends  💁🏽‍♀️ @knaeckebrot500