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What a sickie supper looks like at the Rod household. Two down for the count. Charlies holding up the fort now.  Can you tell which soup is mine? #nonoodlesplease homemade soup with noodles, chicken, carrots, purple potatoes, celery, avocado toast, green tea & honey with lemon #bitintomytoastonthewaytosetthetable #cleanse #clean #extracelery #organic


  1. elise_lindsey

    Hope you guys feel better! My family is just getting over this nasty cold too

  2. cancanrose

    What's the deal with everyone eating avocado toast? Is it something I need to try? What else did you put on it?

  3. weightforthepeople

    @elise_lindsey thank you! I'm better today but Daniels still suffering poor thing. Hope you guys feel better today! We all need to be better by tomorrow lol 2015 :))

  4. weightforthepeople

    @mountain._mermaid try the one I texted you when you're not sick- it'll change your life lol