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#TBT  to last night as I am still beaming with gratitude for the invitation from @u.z.o & @narsissist for an exquisite intimate dinner @sunset_tower where I was blessed to enjoy incredible food, make new friends & create beautiful new memories. 🌴 I am also grateful to receive the gift of Francois Nars’ beautiful book of images he has personally captured throughout the years on his private island in the South Pacific. 🌴 As I have been hibernating from the rain in LA today, I was able to daydream & teleport myself to the beautiful island in his book as I breathed in the luxurious Nars Monoi Body Oil made of coconut oil & monoi flowers grown on his island. 🌴 I love the oil so much as it smells precisely like a beautiful dessert that my mother used to make for me growing up, evoking the feeling of home....#nars  #narsissist 


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    Aw beautiful commentary about last night. Was so nice ✨🙏🏽

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    what a wonderful picture!!!!🎶🎶

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    indigolabyogi, nice post, I like it.

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    Yes! 👍✌️

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