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This little girl reminds me to stop sometimes and enjoy life! She loves being up on my lap - even when I'm working. There's not enough room at this #airbnb  kitchen table for her to fit on my lap, but she still wants to be up! Her superpower is bringing me back to the now 😇I'm grateful to travel with her by my side. Next stop: #Athens  next week 🛫Any recommendations? #pets  #dachshundsofinstagram  #dachshund  #digitalnomad  #writing  #editing  #cretegreece  #crete  #travelingfoodie  #travellingfoodie  #travel  #workandtravel  #girlswhotravel  #greece  #travelgreece  #freelancer  #travelgram  #europe  #freelancing 


  1. fitgirlrichgirl

    Cmon! How do you get any work done with that face?!

  2. omestnikova

    She’s adorable!

  3. katrinagobeille

    Wow, enjoy your travels you two!!

  4. jj.lysaght

    Omg look at those eyes!!

  5. midnights_muse

    Those eyes 😍😍😍

  6. intuitionpassionpurpose

    She’s adorable. Her eyes 😍

  7. thegreatwander

    Aww she is so damn cute ❤️

  8. manisha1465

    Legit puppy eyes! What a cutie

  9. thehouseofdarling

    What’s her name ?

  10. mysmile777

    So cool you travel with your dog - me too when possible

  11. dancing_tots

    Just wanting some love and snuggles!!

  12. cassandramac_

    so cute! I need tips on how to safely travel with my pup 😍

  13. joanmarissa

    aww such a pretty lil pup. and you’re right, they are so good at teaching us valuable life lessons.

  14. seekingmotives

    She is so cute! Have a great trip ✌🏻

  15. irie.soul

    Can't say no to those puppy eyes!!

  16. alycampeau

    Oh my gosh! What a cutie 😍

  17. danieljdahan

    Very nice!👌!!!

  18. thecharmingmodernist

    That face!💓💓

  19. mcatgan

    Dogs really are the best companions 🐶

  20. annapiotrowski

    Animals are amazing! They remind us to be in the present moment 😊

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