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Lunch today is traditional Cape Verdean dish, bean stew, done my way😊. If you all remember a couple of weeks ago I shared my fresh pinto beans stew, that I was so excited about. This is because on most days I use dry beans, as I’m sure most of us do, for my bean dishes. Well today I have ANOTHER fresh beans treat. This one is fresh pigeon peas they are organic and grown here in CV. I made it vegan with sweet potatoes, cabbages, daikon, and this BEAUTIFUL looking light green squash that I have never before seen in my life. I forgot to but, the next time I go to Praça de Estrela, I will ask the lady what island in CV they are from. Have any of you ever seen squash like this [SWIPE to see the pic]? How is that for locally grown? Also if anyone does not know what “pigeon peas” are swipe to the last pic to see them dry. On my island we call them “congo beans,” on other islands in CV, and in the Portuguese language, they are called “feijão figueira.” * * * * *


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