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🔊 Sound on 🔊 Another shop update for you. By another, I mean the first ever. These are no ordinary sticks. Just like @paul.a.j.sellers taught me on YouTube dot com. #standingontheshouldersofgiants 


  1. mjjulien

    Sean you’re becoming quite the Instagram sensation!!

  2. gatorshelli

    This was awesome!

  3. stillnapie

    Having used winding sticks for a few decades (they have been in use for centuries) I can tell you they work much better if they are much longer and have a contrasting color. The extra length helps make the twist more evident and the color (I use walnut and maple..) makes it far more clear.

  4. stillnapie

    @seanhilldesigns I have probably made two dozed set of sticks. Great use for some scraps. Stable wood like walnut or laminating some thinner strips work best. If I use walnut for both I inlay a strip of lighter wood on one to give color contrast.

  5. thethirdgeorgeb

    Cool! I learned something. Educational 😁