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Dead Horse 50M race recap: I love this event! 1st, 6:23:06 (course record). We chose Dead Horse as @marigoldsformimi ’s first 50-miler. Since we’d be there with grandparents Bob & Sandy to watch the kids, I signed up, too. We went with the Andert crew—@featheredaspen was also running her first 50M. . Four days out, I got sick. I emailed the race director and offered my entry spot, as the race was sold out. I figured I‘d save my legs for Brazos Bend 100M three weeks later. The race director told me not to worry, and it was fine if I chose to race or not. Three days later, still sick, I decided to give it a try. I usually run when I’m sick, plus #FOMO . Stacy got sick two days before the race... . Start line, BOOM, I went out with the lead pack. After 60 seconds of running by headlamp light...we turned around. The lead pack ran past the first turn. It’s not a true #Moab  race unless you miss at least one marked turn, so it was a great omen to get that out of the way early on! . After my mucus/congestion cleared out, I felt solid. I took the first 24M just fast enough to keep the leaders in sight. By 28, it was clear my friend @bryan_kerl from Leadville would win unless I worked hard for it. I felt great, so I decided not to hold back—even with Brazos Bend in 3 weeks, it would be a shame to not capitalize on having a strong day. I hammered it starting around mile 30 and caught Bryan around 42. I kept a narrow lead to the finish—awesome that we both beat the CR! . Ellie gave it her all and came in just after 10 hours. Congrats! Stacy had an extreme ultra adventure. Her cough and lungs were bad all day. Phlegmy all day. Later peeing blood. At the last aid station (mile 45), with the volunteers worried about her health, she stopped, satisfied that she had a true ultra experience. My illness wasn’t a problem, but Stacy’s hit at just the wrong time. Her fitness was easily good enough to run 50 miles on a normal day. Congrats on gutting out 45! #zerolimits  . 📸: @rungolden1, Stacy Pietari, @misterandert . . @altrarunning #spALTRA  #AltraRunning  . @ultraspire


  1. robbiebalenger

    💪💪 You were cruising when I saw you at 28!

  2. leucadia.united

    Congrats, it was great to see you on the course @ksp303 👊🏼

  3. altrarunning

    Baller, both you and Stacy!

  4. featheredaspen

    Thanks Kyle 💫 The experience gave me an appreciation for what a gift you have! Fun to see you fly, and always a joy to spend time with our families against such a stunning backdrop 🏜

  5. hampsure

    I think I was the one to blame for the wrong turn in the beginning! So you’re welcome. Again congrats on a killer finish!

  6. rgedds

    @ksp303 awesome to see you on the were flying!! First 50 miler for me. It was amazing!!

  7. jasonschlarb

    Wow, sick win 😉

  8. jimrebenack

    Awesome @ksp303 👏🏻. Strong work! Love the races! Congrats to Stacy for a Ultra effort too, sounded epic!

  9. dirtandvert

    Congrats!! 😊👏💥🤘

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