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Happy first snow day ❄️ Even though it still feels to early for Fall to be over (at least in the North East), there is something magical about the first snow of the season. . Especially having grown up in Florida, I love to observe snowfall. Here’s five little illustrated lessons about Mr. Snow ⛄️ . What’s your favorite thing about seeing the snow? ☺️👇🏽✨ . . . . . . #illustration  #sketchbook  #drawing  #illustrationartists  #typography  #snowstorm  #snowday  #snownyc  #watercolor  #typographyinspired  #lessonsfromnature  #gratitude  #snowfall  instartist #instart  #illustrationgram  #the100dayproject  #sketchaday  #drawing  #sketch  #art  #lettering  #poetry  #motivation  @bymariandrew @morganharpernichols @jayshetty


  1. tammylgarrett

    I’m a pretty “glass half full” person, but this snow has me spending the night in JFK after already traveling 32+ hours, so it’s not exactly making me smile at the moment.

  2. caroline__riley__


  3. mstabitha

    @annamac4 I'm not sure why, but I just thought you might need this today for some unknown reason.

  4. mackenziebradbury

    Love this 💕

  5. edwardsundara

    What do you think @christophercastilloo 🤔

  6. nupur108

    Loved the illustration

  7. nupur108

    Beautiful 😍

  8. jahnavi_harrison

    Lovely! And love that you were beavering away working on it for so long!

  9. divyangi_devi_dasi

    Love these pics !

  10. shannu927

    You are something beyond words ..... Your pictures depict the universal truth 😍😍😍

  11. soumya_3004

    Your illustration push me to wonder and then I realise life is so beautiful. I really have begun observing life very closely. I just love. I have stopped complaining.. Started to love and understand... ❤ lots of love @rockinruksi

  12. gaurangidevi

    Love this

  13. olivetomato26


  14. tiffanyplease


  15. johannanicole108

    @rockinruksi Love how snow/snowfall applies to the wonders of life and our mindset. Beautifully illustrated 🙏☃️❄

  16. chandan_m23

    @rockinruksi 👌❤️💖❤️💖❤️👌

  17. di_annie__


  18. lalita___priya

    These are stunning @rockinruksi ❤️

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