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  1. fitnessblazt

    That was dope!! You gonna be there Tuesday?


    Oh my god you did it 👏

  3. proninja7

    Dude that looks way too fun. XD

  4. rainman_yep

    This is unreal! Such a creative movement 👌🏻

  5. hamdorfmark

    It cool how you make them obstacles look easy

  6. taylorjohnson08

    We love having you here!!

  7. jamierahn

    Haha thanks man! Your shirt is waiting for you at New Era ;)

  8. tnutt765

    YEAH BUDDY✌🏻🙌🏻

  9. ninjaquad1

    Visit anytime! Your Lego figures don't do you justice!

  10. idouttit61

    That is definitely creative!

  11. beebs1264

    You are awesome!

  12. the_rhino_ninja

    @jamierahn looks so fun!!😛

  13. macattack321

    Working on the skills!

  14. natem_112

    I went their Monday

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