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Such a shame. I learned the buck I was after this season was hit by a car last weekend! That’s worse than hearing they got harvested by the neighbor to me. Definitely won’t be the same going to the woods this weekend hoping to catch a glimpse of this guy!
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  1. krystenpotega

    Damn 😨

  2. allie.sunday

    Oh no! 😩

  3. louisbacklas

    @lauren.marie.preston. darn! I'm sorry that happened! 😞

  4. wolfxoman

    That is a shame to hear. Hopefully another good buck has moved in to replace him. 👍

  5. mrsjessbond

    Awe @lauren.marie.preston that is awful!! So sorry girl!

  6. dusty__b

    What a shame! Was he a Manitowoc buck or up north somewhere?

  7. rachellehedrick

    😳😭 Hopefully another dominant buck moves in!!!

  8. kayleenrothmund

    Was he hit on hwy 42??

  9. mel_fitz4

    That is stinky👎🏼 hopefully s new buck will take his place :)

  10. salmon_trout_guy

    A bigger one is going to show!!

  11. jeffbarron70

    I hate to hear that!

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