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Today at the age of 95, Stan Lee has passed away. This is a DC account but when something like this happens, I want to post about it and I want to know your favorite appearance of Stan Lee in a superhero movie? #stanlee #marvel #venom #avengers #justiceleague #joker #official_dccomics #dccomics  #batman #superman #shazam #wonderwoman #dccomicheroes #aquaman #rip #2018 #spiderman


  1. mitulmech15

    Homecoming. In the Library.. it was cool.. 😂 and Thank you sir for making our childhood awesome. Rest Easy.🙌

  2. megan_o666

    The barber in their Ragnarok. Never forget

  3. mclaubacher

    Spider-Man 3. I don’t like the movie itself, but his cameo perfectly sums up the Spider-Man character. “I guess one person can make a difference. ‘Nuff said.” @therealstanlee #ripstanlee 

  4. loganporter32

    The Amazing Spider-Man

  5. elvisiotuyo

    "Tony stank" at the end of civil war

  6. d_arroyo_52

    Rachel in The Dark Knight

  7. 14nce0

    I like Dr. Strange. He's like my favorite Marvel character

  8. gerardo_31875

    La de thor ragnarok o la guardianes de la galaxia vol 1, para mi son las mejores..

  9. eliottcine

    RIP 🎬👈

  10. forevernerd17

    Spider-Man 3. "You know, I guess one man, can make a difference...Nuff said"

  11. mordofficial

    ��� ��What if eyes could speak ? �

  12. soren.mirsky

    Amazing Spider-Man, by far the 2 best cameos

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