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Tumbling all around Europe! 🇪🇺 ••• Music: @aliummusicofficial


  1. parkertalent85

    un31_ if you're interested in a feature, you should download @talentmobapp 😊

  2. _skamura_

    Ah nuel!! This is super dope miss dance with you :)

  3. duranduran09

    Ayyye that's my boo😩❤️

  4. duranduran09


  5. micaela_soriano

    My bb 😍

  6. suchpirate

    You are freaking amazing!

  7. jaenaierome

    omg i love this!!!😻

  8. aliummusicofficial

    Killing it on the tumbling man! Love the dedication... and the song😂😂

  9. toble_roni

    AH i wish I was this cool! 🍨🍦🍧🆒

  10. carliee.g


  11. francescahoskin

    My husband is so talented😍💕💕

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