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  1. alpha__racoon69

    Don’t call him Bane That Name’s Too good for him

  2. i_m_man_ish

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  3. ab.kaafarani

    is that black widow

  4. chrispecson

    Okay who hired b list Scarjo?

  5. jrsilliker

    Hahaha so dumb

  6. davidseid1000

    People always complain villains' age. Actually villains indeed appeared too early but their ages are not really the problem. Why? Just look comics,penguin, Hugo, Freeze are never drawn like a similar age to Batman. You can tell they are at least 40 or might be 50. Even we can look their background, some of them like Freeze was married for years and Nora died so he worked for cure years. There is no way Freeze is still like 30 years around like Batman. People are easily get confused because in this show they still ponder Bruce Wayne as a kid. If we go back to old Batman movies, you cannot see people complain about villains' age because Batman has already been an adult even though all his villains are still older than him

  7. panchovii004

    Woa this looks like complete and utter shit, congratulations Gotham

  8. panchovii004

    Also who in the hell thought that 1) they should continue their own trend of "villain origins in which actually the villain's motif is tied to past family memebers who had already adopted another persona that later other people would adopt and go up against Bruce wayne". Ex: Jeremy and Jeremiah and Jerome and Hermione and ialreadygotlost (in the same damn show mind you), and now Bane. 2) why does it always look like crap? I mean the only design that they kinda did Well withoutj turning it into a overly punk and goth-emo travesti was mr freeze but just because hes a fucking power ranger villain with a cool backstory thx to the animated series (whicj is 10 times better so go see that instead)

  9. vicbess1

    This show needs to end already. Its pathetic. And erased from the DC Universe...

  10. milktankman

    Gotham needs to stop

  11. alien_puma

    Who make this Bane, never, never in his life, take a look around The Batman Animated or action figures about how he really looks fine

  12. vega7._

    looks fuckin trash

  13. lab_art92

    Preworkout Bane 😂😂😂

  14. scotthahn612

    Bane looks like bucky lol

  15. montoyag76

    This show had so much potential in the beginning. And now it’s this

  16. kellyvwcabrio


  17. julienbouzin_auteur

    @lonckega @clement_jul c'est quoi cette horreur 😂

  18. montgomeryman01

    Bane looking like a box

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