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Smallest ones 2 x 2.5, Largest one’s 2.5 x 3.5 /// All for $9 + SH /// To claim please comment “me” and dm me your PayPal email address and zip code plus a picture of these butterflies #gfoeavailable  #isnmemberitem  #isn10spot 


  1. hobbyhorse.vintage

    Love this flock of brass butterflies 🦋

  2. thenostalgianest

    Such a pretty collection

  3. torreypineslane

    I love the gold

  4. grasshopperscorner

    A lovely group of butterflies

  5. rusticrants

    The would look pretty hangin on the wall

  6. the_barn_vintage

    What a great grouping this is

  7. thriftingishereditary

    I love that there’s five of them

  8. ildikosvintage

    You and these pretties 💕