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Have you made it into our Westfield London club? Split over two floors with three boutique studios, functional and boxing areas as well as London's best equipped free weights its got everything all under one roof! || #TheAntidoteToBoringGyms  #Gymbox  #WestfieldLondon 


  1. joemorriis

    Sick gym!! 🔥

  2. silencias


  3. roselli_na

    @caroltitti piangoooo

  4. yusaf3000xl

    @amirahaktar @rkythekid

  5. ayamami

    ♥️♥️ love this place. When is Ealing opening up ?

  6. nobleboxinguk

    Great gym! 🔥🙌

  7. laila_lala_b


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