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Do you know why you won’t beat me? Because I WILL NEVER STOP🔥 #StrongManSundays  • • BONUS FEATURE: Some funny ass replies🤦🏻‍♂️ 😂“I’m down, but I wanna get stronger first before I come” (...NO, JUST COME & YOU WILL GET STRONGER!) 😂“I’ll be there this Sunday” (...THEN NO SHOWS, WTF?) 😂“What are you guys working out? Like what body parts? I just did legs/shoulders etc.” (DOES IT REALLY MATTER? FREAKIN’ FULL BODY DUDE- From the top of your scalp to your fingertips, down to the end of your toenails- and everything in between! COOL?) 😂**I’ll post more of these in future posts💪🏼