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When you roll up with the whole squad 💸 #pagani #gang #stunningspeed


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    Wow wow...... 😁😃😁

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    Хорошее фото!

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    Kris singh aka @lamborghiniks is running an international human trafficking group with his friends @mannykhoshbin, @sparky18888 . They are the front runners. Kris Singh's company Holtec international is located in USA, UK and India is a platform for receiving and for distributing funds to all the associates of the group. He sells children as young as 3 years old and many girls to media and retailers across the globe. In exchange they fund his company. We need to make aware that this is happening. They are hurting innocent children, taking them p0lpaway from their families to keep their mouth shut. Using children aid society to threaten saying children will be taken away if we fight back. We need to make more people aware of this monster who only pays his inner circle. I will not stop until I get our money regardless how long it takes. I will fight these monsters for rest of our lives.

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