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My dad and I went to draw today in Mulvane. We pushed past the overgrown grass where the street ended, four dogs barking behind a chain link fence. A train was standing still a quarter mile away, so we crossed over the tracks and passed under the railroad bridge. We stood there over an hour. Me drawing, dad reading a book. Sun casting deep shadows under the plate girders and wood piers. Train idling in the distance, hawk circling silently overhead. We were about to leave when we heard a low rumble. We waited to watch another train cross the tracks above our heads, going south or maybe west, matching the path of the afternoon sun. #DrawKS  #urbansketchers  #Kansas  #NoPlaceLikeKS  #KSBucketList  #Mulvane  #bridgehunter  #sketchwalker  #sketch_onn  #globalsketchers  #archilovers  #inkdrawing  #inktober 


  1. khunt5

    Sounds wonderful!

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