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Chilean mushroom stew, 'al pil pil', which is vegan, gluten free and incredibly delicious 😋🌱😋💚. I tried it in a restaurant in Northern Chile a couple of weeks ago and absolutely loved it so I created this homemade version, served with potatoes roasted in garlic and dill. It was so yummy 💚😋💚! . . . INGREDIENTS (serves 3-4): . (1) 1 onion, finely chopped (2) 3–6 tbsp vegetable oil (3) 4 cloves of garlic, minced (4) 1 tsp paprika (5) 250 grams of mushrooms (1-2 packs), ideally 2 varieties, whole or chopped if using large mushrooms (6) 3/4 glass of white or red wine (7) 1/2 cube vegetable stock (OPTIONAL) (8) Herbs: 2 tbsp chopped parsley (ideally fresh), 1 bay leaf, 1-2 tsp cayenne pepper (9) Salt to season (around ½ tsp) (10) 1 tbsp of gluten free flour to thicken (OPTIONAL) (11) Other vegetables, such as brussels sprouts (OPTIONAL) . STEPS: . (1) Fry the onion with the oil over medium heat for around 10 minutes, until the onion is very soft. Add the garlic and fry for a further couple of minutes. Add the paprika and stir well, frying for a further minute. Finally add, the mushrooms and fry for a further few minutes, stirring frequently. (2) Add in the wine. Then fill with water until the mushrooms are just covered. (3) Add the herbs, salt and optionally, the flour and stock. Stir well and bring to the boil. Simmer on low heat for 30-45 minutes, until you are happy with the consistency of the sauce. (4) Optionally, add the additional vegetables and cook for the length of time on the package instructions so they are soft but crunchy. (5) Serve with your favorite roast potatoes. I seasoned my potatoes with garlic powder, dill and salt. . . . #vegan  #glutenfree  #chileanfood  #vegansofig  #vegansofinstagram  #veganrecipeshare  #veganrecipes  #vegandinner  #plantbasedfood  #plantbased  #veganfoodporn  #veganfood  #foodporn  #veganlondon  #veganuk  #vegantravel 


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    wow 🌱 this looks super good! 😀💚 love your page!

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    All this food looks so good and they're such great pictures how are you not famous yet lol

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    Our wow, that looks so amazing

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    My nan can cook better than u

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    She dead lol

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    SAVED!! I’m totally going to make this. Thanks for the recipe 👊🏼😎👊🏼