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  1. puripuri_drawings

    Ah~ so soft and lovely as always! ✨

  2. vincent.engelmann

    Ahh goodness, so beautiful! Your works always have such a flowy and mystic look to them, I love that so much!! And the colours in this particular piece are just so wonderful, and the painting altogether is just nothing short of delightful!! 💕✨ Great great work!!! ❤

  3. icycreep

    He's beauty he's grace I just adore your coloring style ♡ it's magnificent!

  4. ppopoegg

    Oh my goodness, but the mystical art surely springs from ?? you ???? (/ Q Q \) but ahH thank you very very much for the most encouraging ! ! 🌼🌼🌼

  5. _omotavi

    i still really love your work! 💘💘

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