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Happy Friday!! Extra happy today as the children have a 10 day break from school 🙌🏻. Actually thinking about it don’t know how to feel, happy that I won’t need to get up sooo early get changed and look presentable enough to drop the kids off. As well as getting the kids ready, fed and out the door with enough time to find parking space on the street where the school is!! I’m sure some of you mums will know and feel me when I say it can be a bloody nightmare!! 😡 Or wondering what the difference will be with them being at home? 10 days of “I’m bored” , “I’m hungry” , “want to go out” , “I don’t want to go to bed”. Who am I kidding I take it back I’m no longer ‘happy’ that they have a term break! 🙄😂 Only plus point I can stay in my pjs for longer and look like crap for longer! 🙈 What are your views when the kids break up? On another note, if you take a look at my kitchen update. Swipe to see all pics including the one from the estate agents when we bought it Although it’s not fully complete, it’s almost there! Kitchen is by @wrenkitchens in sea foam blue, with copper taps and handles and a black sink. To be fair I did want a Belfast sink which would have looked beautiful, but my personal experience from previously have washed dishes at someone’s house with one of those, it didn’t half do my back in and it would have limited the storage space at the bottom on the sink. So I chose to be practical rather then going for what “looks good”!! The original kitchen was very small but had a utility area so be knocked the wall down to make the kitchen open, RSJ had to go up to secure the wall/structure. We also the glass window taken out, so it’s looks open and I will be able to see the telly through too, as well as admire the new brick wall we had done from @almurad.tiles . Take a look and don’t forget to comment if you like or Not. I don’t mind and constructive criticism either. Will post more once the tiles, flooring and lights go on as well as some rustic shelves to hold me cast iron cookware! Enjoy the rest of your day 😁 #interiorlovers  #interiordesign  #myhome  #myhomevibe  #homedecor  #homedetails  #homedesign  #interior123  #howivintage  #interiorboom