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The spa has a few outdoor infinity pools, of course. Also a series of outdoor pools roughly grouped into 4 categories, each with its own health benefits and subtle fragrance. Indoors are 3 pools, from hot to cold. The room itself is like a sauna. A terrific place before, during or after painting. Please don’t hate me. #taohuatanresidency  #artresidency  #china 


  1. jerelynhanrahan

    Get to work :)

  2. lizbethmitty

    I’m checking in tomorrow.....forget the art supplies

  3. abby_one_one_zero

    this gets more and more amazing

  4. arussinof

    Enjoy! Looks heavenly!

  5. ginaflailing

    Holy effing cow, I’ve never heard of a residency such as that!!! You must’ve been vewy, vewy good in a past life.....

  6. valerilarko

    Wow! Enjoy!

  7. marciatimboy_art

    Painting and pools... Nice!

  8. jessicanissen

    I’m salivating

  9. mieyim

    I hate you!!!

  10. sallyfrenchfry

    A residency in ? Whew. One to check out.. yes, I hate you too.

  11. adamstraus

    Always really liked you, Sounds fantastic, enjoy the hell out of it.

  12. carol.hepper

    Wow Charles- spa as artist residency and that amazing studio. Next up the meals and bedrooms please.