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This is supposedly Honduran "migrants" being paid cash to come here. This was posted yesterday. Normally I might be skeptical but we are seeing people being paid to protest from Soros backed PACs and I have ton question the timing of it all. ***PARTNERS*** @lilmissdeplorable @but_muh_russia @mcpainting01_pro_american_ @trumptriggersliberals @dude_atlas @helenkimofficial #walkaway  #votered  #Americafirst  #trump2020  #trump  #backtheblue  #supportourtroops  #kag2020  #maga  #draintheswamp  #fakenews  #buildthewall  #conservative  #republican  #redwave  #swampdonkey  #looneyleft 


  1. butcht01

    I see insanity standing there.

  2. peppadebbie

    Check out the lady with 2 girls (one with a neon coat) she takes the money moves forward and boom you see her going with her 2 girls to the back of the line again (to get money 2 x 3)? . Then they dump this people here who already know how to rig the system and steal from us the taxpayer

  3. clkantz

    SHAMEFUL!! Whomever is providing this money (Democrats/Soros/Steyer) needs to be exposed in every single Republican ad leading up to Nov 6! #buildthewall  #voterepublican  #redwave  #maga 

  4. eleonorahaley

    BUILD THE WALL !!!!!!!!

  5. tomestela

    He is saying for woman to go first, I guess they heard that people were saying just man were coming.

  6. jmullett49

    Nobody’s asking for a receipt LOL

  7. koris1938

    We know the reason, just need to stop Soros, from this cruelty! Nothing good in being paid to uproot your family. Soros is a snake, cut he's head off.

  8. tedgwigderson

    Total bullshit and this needs to stop! If this isn’t stopped immediately, this red wave won’t be what you think. Cut off the aid for countries paying and sending people, put our military in place. Not just a presence. Load it up! Put a chokehold on Mexico if they don’t help considerably on their end and don’t fucking give an inch to the left and/or protesters. #zerotolerance 

  9. bushrakarana

    It’s time to fix this crap and put people in jail and no we don’t need not even 100 people coming into our borders

  10. alcarolyn

    How horrible , taking advantage of these people ! Anything to damage Trump and America . Has to be Soros !

  11. 70midge75

    Close the borders, military.. shoot on site

  12. kidmulawin

    post this on twitter

  13. enjoypic

    Who was in Guatemala 👉

  14. gabeb1966

    Stop them at the border and send them back

  15. esthi_lene


  16. bgnluvs


  17. micheledonaldson2626

    Deport Time!!!!!!!

  18. 3rd_in_charge

    They have guns... Yet they are helpless?

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