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Have any fans listened to #Wildside lately? Whats your fav track?

Have any fans listened to #Wildside  lately? Whats your fav track?


  1. samanthacerar

    Can't Get Much Better Than This. I listen to Wildside all the time ❤️

  2. eugeniochahin

    Love will rise again!

  3. kane19671

    Love the whole thing but Love will rise again & Dont keep me in the dark are my 2 favorites

  4. scentedsandra

    Notorious and Don't Let Go! Can't wait to see the show on Saturday night!

  5. bethmlee6

    Love will rise again

  6. madmikeshredz

    That's Where my Money Goes and Dont Keep me in the Dark, to name some less mentioned cuts.

  7. lgalucki

    It’s a tie between Wildside & Break It To Me Gently!

  8. barblevesque1

    Notorious and Where my money goes

  9. melissacarolozburn

    Love will rise again. You gotta fight like a true survivor!

  10. markgischer

    I have this vinyl still sealed, Love will rise again and Notorious

  11. hide24

    Break it to me gently. The synth line is awesome!

  12. patricklongworth

    Love Will Rise Again and Don't Keep Me in the Dark are my favourites!

  13. jeffreylee1260

    Love will rise again and notorious

  14. hairmetalrulz

    Notorious 🤘🤘

  15. john_w_tiny

    Dont Let Go is a fave. Also Dont Keep Me in the Dark.

  16. saamdehoyos

    The Entire album!!!! It's highly under rated. My personal favorite!

  17. munnevan

    All of them 😁👍🎹🥁🎸🎶🎼👊

  18. ryo731106

    Notorious and Don't let go!

  19. jgill1984

    Love the whole album

  20. susangrl37

    Listened to it today. Love the whole album. Please tour and do whole albums.

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