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Working on a large painting, but had to build an “easel” first. This based on traditional chinese laundry drying, clothes hung on cross bar. Found materials and almost no tools. But it works. #taohuatanresidency 


  1. the_ada_gallery

    Looks fabulous

  2. jillslaymaker

    Can hardly wait to see what you make! You know I love your work ❤️

  3. sallyfrenchfry

    Oo! Want to see this when done! ❤️

  4. rlarios12

    🙌 Well done, Chuck!

  5. joycepensato


  6. adamstraus

    That’s wonderful, keep it as part of the painting.

  7. carol.hepper

    Brilliant- and amazing studio.

  8. rhea_banker_photography

    What an opportunity to have the space to work that large! So exciting!

  9. nina_studio


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