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Busting some relational myths tonight for you loves. Good news, you don’t have to be perfectly perfect to create an incredible love story with someone truly extraordinary. The self-awareness behind self-regulation and self-soothing is the same awareness that will guide us to lean into the support of our partners when it’s appropriate. Learning this balance is where our personal work lies. In case you’ve ever wondered, you can be a work in progress and still create epic love. And if your work in progress looks like getting into the relational classroom to learn the communication tools, boundary tools, self-soothing processes and the essentials ways to interact with a partner that will invite and inspire them to be responsive to your needs, then hit me up about scooping up one of the final Year of Love Masterclass spots. I deep dive with a small group of women for a year and this is the last time I’m going to be offering this class with this level of intimacy, access and direct support. So if you’ve been waiting to work with me now’s your chance and I’m super pumped to meet and support you in creating the healthiest, happiest and truly fulfilling relationships your beautiful heart is deserving of. DM if you’re ready to take your love to the next level 😘❤️


  1. dankartwin

    You're brilliant, thank you ♥️

  2. longdistancelovebombs

    So good. 🔥🔥🔥

  3. manny_emilio_


  4. crieep

    Thank you ❤️❤️ It's what you do with it!!! 🙌 Truth truth truth.

  5. msdanyrae

    This couldn’t possibly be more important or more timely. Like you wrote it For Me! And...I love hearing you say the word LIT-erally 😘🤗

  6. heartskills

    Yes, yes, yessssssss!!! Well said. 🙌😘

  7. bri9227

    I always disagreed with that myth

  8. jenwille

    This masterclass sounds amazing! 💕

  9. iamkatfreeman

    Exactly the person that could change everything could be standing right in front of you

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