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  1. sexyheck

    Hell yeah, i wouldnt.. 😭

  2. jaytamashi

    Any day of the week

  3. jaytamashi

    That’s like four feet haha

  4. tnguyen_gdsti_obxt

    fuck yes I would

  5. wildfireglass

    We used to do it in the dark w no lights on while creasting a hill w 2 lawn mowers in the back. Jk, no mowers.

  6. gaven.woods

    Who wouldn’t jump from that pos Chevy any day into a ford 😂

  7. gonzales.cody

    I did that when I was a kid I think I was about 11 years old

  8. obenis69

    @b_varela1995 @marshmellomeza

  9. toskisurrealism

    When you think your in an orange supra

  10. dr.dre_since99


  11. warriorsstar33

    @nelsonchace @collin_buffington @nicoledeloney

  12. neotones

    Would appriciate a follow back 😄

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