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  1. jabotx

    100% Liars

  2. larryrdz


  3. vintagemetalcraft

    100/100 liars

  4. robcali2015

    Instagram will not allow me to like this??? Crazy

  5. zachklinner

    But it didn’t matter how much NA was in her. Trump just wanted the existence in her DNA. Now pay up. ✌🏻percentage wasn’t part of the deal.

  6. jomarquez1


  7. gmwell212

    *Trump* Billionaire. HA!

  8. tommy2chips


  9. rememberusspearlharbor

    Someone still laughed at this brain fark rhetoric. Now watch how many people you’re going to have to correct for no reason

  10. ruben_vl27

    Hillary Will never be our president.

  11. eli_231

    @labbadia9 @nkowalchuk

  12. black_millennial

    Lol putin looks a lit like trump in that picture

  13. jakobsspamss

    Adding zeros to the end doesn't make him any more our president

  14. evelyn.konkol

    Lying crooks!!!!

  15. scott_pike


  16. og_left_hand

    Trump also happens to be 0% Vietnam ver but nice burn on Hillary

  17. pepe_priest

    Where is warren??

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