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October 18,2018 : A Leap of Time ! The Bridge of Transcendence on transcending the Light ! This is my new Wave Tree released finally today with a LOT «  Did you ever ask yourself about the energy that flows beyond the Light? Here you are dear old soul ! As you cross many bridges of light during your ascension process, you end up in The Bridge of Transcendance leading you beyond the Light itself. Your ascension process is a long path to this bridge as you transcend all that you have been through. This bridge is your path to Eternity where light and darkness no more exist. No more duality ! It is as it is. A Realm of Peace where you no more have to face any challenge. You only ARE. From there, you have access to all realms because you are ready to be in your inner Source of Wisdom, as you have already completed your multidimensionality. Meaning you are fully aware of your multidimensional soul. If you sit closer to your heart you become able to watch your soul’s journey. Do you know that the real you is only given to you to see and acknowledge? The real you lays far behind what others may see in you. You are the only witness of your soul’s journey! You are the only one to know how it feels to go beyond duality to reach Eternity. Beyond darkness there is Light, far beyond the light there is Eternity. You are walking The Bridge of Transcendence where only your visions experiences and healing process are sealed in your heart and Soul. You are the Witness the watcher of yourself. The only one who knows your inner truth! Trust That! #artwork  #sacredart  #sacredarts 


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