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  1. javiermenaguerrero

    Man, I love these designs. I colored the Fatal Five for the LOSH series, but these are GREAT!

  2. ryancarless96

    These are amazing. A deadly team indeed

  3. tommcweeney

    God, I love these guys. Have you done any stories with them?

  4. itsjbizzle


  5. seamus.mcclernan

    Is Emerald Empress blind?

  6. d0pep0pe

    Love all of them. But that last one is 🔥

  7. estonius1138


  8. briericidesign

    Validus is a perfect fit for your style. He also seems like a candidate for the Sinistro corp

  9. brokeandwobbly

    Is Mano a pun too?

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