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We are so excited to be heading back to #silobration  this year after missing it last year! It's always such an encouraging and wholesome environment, with great people and tons of fun for the whole family! ⠀ . ⠀ Will anyone else be there!? We will be up at the Silos first thing Friday morning, even if it rains! Feel free to find us, stalk us, or just say hello! It's up to you! Comment or DM us if you'll be there!⠀ _________________________________⠀ #thenomadicneals  #thenealfamily ⠀ _⠀ #travel  #travelblogger  #travelphotography  #instatravel  #travelgram  #wanderlust  #fulltimetravel  #welltraveled ⠀ _⠀ #kidstravel  #travelwithkids  #familytravel  #travelfamily  #travelfam  #familyadventures  #travelmadfam  #familyonpurpose ⠀ _⠀ #waco  #fixerupper  #magnoliabakery  #magnoliatable  #magnoliafarms  #magnoliamarket  #silobration2018 



    Have fun!! Hoping the weather stays dry for y’all!

  2. mccrazytrain

    We won’t be there but can’t wait for pics!!

  3. gettheflockouttahere

    What is it? A festival?

  4. lisaroyessentials

    That is another one on my list! 🙌

  5. uncommonfarmer

    We’ve always wanted to go! Hope y’all have an amazing time!

  6. glampfam

    I so badly want to go there! We just watched a rerun of when Chip and Joanne were looking at those silos planning to fix them up someday!

  7. valentina_durzo_95

    So cute♥😍😍😍

  8. elpombo


  9. moderngrands

    Now that sounds like a great trip. Enjoy!!

  10. thefamilytravelbug

    Hopefully the weather corporates!!

  11. capitalkidsgo

    Have fun guys!!

  12. thegreatswansonroadtrip

    We gonna be there all day Thursday!

  13. halfway2happiness

    So cute!! ❤️😘

  14. came.saw.travelled

    OMG how cute are they ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. ba4u_apartaments


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