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Confession: I’m 80% a health nut and 20% Cookie Monster 🍪🍪! . I swear no one in my house pays attention to anything I say until they hear a @munkpack wrapper crinkle. Then they come running asking “what are you eating mom?? . Both my husband and I eat these cookies 🍪 in secret 🤫. They taste like real cookies and are oh so filling!! 18g of protein and literally taste like a soft bake cookie 🍪out of the oven. Bonus, they are gluten free! . Go try one @target and let me know what you think! We crumble ours and put them in our smoothie bowls, oats and eat them as is! . . . . #munkpack  #munkpackcookies  #proteincookies  #glutenfreeeats  #glutenfree  #vegan  #poweruo  #morningcoffee  #coffeeartlatte  #latteart  #coffeeart  #prettycoffeeshop  #munkpackmoment 


  1. bethers525

    I love those cookies!!!!!

  2. munkpack

    We’re all on Team Cookie Monster over here too 👏🏻🍪❤️