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  1. praddo72


  2. timothyy_saechao

    @extreme_instinct we sure that shirt doesn’t say ‘Hulk’? 💪👊

  3. reneesylvinha


  4. jenniffer.julie

    Hey Matt! Discovery TV in Brazil just aired the last episode of Naked and Afraid XL-all stars and I must say: you were amazing! Congratulations man! It's unbelievable how you make things seem so easy... God bless your life and all the adventures to come. From a huge fan from Brazil.

  5. dr.joaquimbarretoo

    The best Survivor man!!!! 🔥🌧

  6. varshapatel1812

    You are my favorite survivor😘 and i love you Man😍😘❤️

  7. esmi10april

    Wow .!!!! Save me a piece of meat ....

  8. rafael_tijolo

    you deserve to have your own survival program on discovery tv, God bless you

  9. sweet_tao

    THIS IS CRAZY!!! 😂 Congrats!!🎉😍

  10. tyler_hamilton19

    Do u eat all these aligators your killing ?

  11. cirlenedd

    You're the real superman

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