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Took a risk and made my own deodorant today 🙌🏻
I was tired of paying outrageous 💵 for toxic free deodorant and also wanted to get my husband off yucky deodorant.  Recipe I used is in the comments.

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  1. melissaml1126

  2. melissaml1126

    30g Coconut oil (my very favorite hand-pressed coconut oil) 20g Shea butter (this is a great shea butter) 10g Carrier Oil (I like almond oil like THIS, but you could use many oils that are liquid at room temperature… THIS is an excellent guide for carrier oils!!!) 10g Beeswax (like this sustainably sourced, quality beeswax) 15g Arrowroot powder (super smooth arrowroot, like this) 15g Diatomaceous Earth – Food Grade! (aka food grade, like THIS) 5 drops of Vitamin E (this is a great vitamin E oil) 20-25 drops of essential oils (aka EO, which are totally optional, but I love them… like THESE oils)