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I had another great paint night. These five friends work together and wanted to have a night of their very own. Four of these ladies chose to paint pictures of their own dogs while one went for a wedding day photo. I help them each step of the way. I take groups of 5-10 people and it’s only $25 a person for 2.5 hours. . . Pick a date to paint. . . Select your friends. . . Select the photo each individual wants to paint and send them to me. . . When you show up I’ll have each drawing sketched out on an 8x10 canvas and I’ll help you figure out underpainting, color choices, techniques, and finishing touches. . . Bring your own food and drink. . . Make it YOUR night, day, morning. Who will you invite and what will you paint? #rtdalglieshfineart  . . . . . #paintparty  #ladiesnight  #datenight  #couplesgoals  #friendship  #paintandsip  #youcanpaintanything  #illhelpyou  #sanangelo  #angelostate  #funnightout  #paintyourpet 


  1. leni_d.a

    Bravo !!!!!!! beautiful girls 💐💐💐💐💐🍀🎨🍀🎨🍀🎨🍀🎨🍀🎨

  2. katherine_thorpe

    Love this Ryan!!

  3. mic_dix


  4. palomabella3

    Fantastic 🎨👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  5. trymetuesday

    Wow, how far is San Angelo from Fort Worth again? 💓

  6. kirstiedcarroll

    @katie.goolsby1 @alicia.womack we really may need to do this!

  7. reesfineartdesign

    Love your style. Very unique and your color choices are on point.

  8. kristen_bratton

    @meginturff @jselander5 we should do this!

  9. danielabahry

    Love this!!! Great 💡

  10. lolafarnsworth

    You are a fabulous teacher makes me want to come to Texas for a paint night

  11. cruzagustigibert

    Simpática foto lindas chicas 💞💞💞💞💞✌️✌️🤠

  12. artisttakano


  13. milidror4


  14. anton_loginow


  15. tara_tamer_photography

    How fun!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 @rtdalglieshfineart

  16. mahes137

    Very nice

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