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Galão Pastel de Nata - Very very nice Portuguese custard tarts. Super crisp pastry and just the right amount of sweetness from the custard. Plus this beyond-great latte macchiato ☕️👌🏻 Great coffee really made my day 😊🎈 * * * 坐在舒服的沙發椅窗邊 享受荷蘭寧靜的街道 看著當地人踩單車🚲也覺得好癒療喔 雖然以前在英國讀書 不過荷蘭算是我最喜愛的歐洲國家了 人人都很隨和友善 空氣聞起來特別好 比起英國/法國 這裡地方很乾淨 也沒見有乞丐 去了那麼多國家 覺得荷蘭真是一個好地方 .


  1. kunal_9_2

    This is mouth-watering. Can I try it?😋 Looking forward to see your new blogs. If time allows, check my other food-travel page👉🏽@glassofwineforme n plz follow it if you like it.