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Did everyone like the chocolate best ? 
#stankoart #necco #neccowafers #popart #candy #longislandartist #newyorkartists #newamericanpaintings


  1. nicoledavidoroboros

    This was a fave💚

  2. terryarata60

    Of course!!!! By the way, this was one of your Aunt Vilma’s favorite candies.

  3. dpgartist

    I always looked at them with a Forrest Gump tilted head. I went to Catholic school so it was a bit confusing for me 😂😂😂😂

  4. zangstanko

    Dusty grays and purples, hot pinks and whites were better!!!!

  5. uhhunnudd


  6. royalewithtees

    loved em all! ❤️👌

  7. joan_tone_lane

    Brings back memories. Love it

  8. yorebelwoman

    Didn’t they all taste the same?

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