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Winner will be announced when Blaze Toys hits 3,000 !! Don't waste time, may the best Fan Win ! ➖
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  1. neorehird63

    I should win, because the Power Rangers have been my favorite show, they taught me to be true to yourself and the power of teamwork. There are 873( some includes that have not aired yet)

  2. dandy.s_levine

    Happy Meal

  3. futureboy0416

    I would like to win because it would be the only power rangers toy that I can collect and I'm a big fan even though im very young but I've been trying to watch all of them on Netflix. I was very excited when I heard burger king was doing this but there where all out when I went was going to have them in There's over 800 episodes and 3 movies. @blaze_toys #blazetoys 

  4. futureboy0416

    Question. Should we add the supper senti episodes as well and any other power rangers like episodes to win

  5. k_bougie_

    I was wrong it’s 800 but I already posted

  6. k_bougie_

    I’m sad