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Went to watch the Rose City Roller’s travel team’s scrim scram tonight! Found out their team is called the Wheels of Justice & I fuckin love that. (Pause to say - big thank you to my friend Kernel who has made it possible for me to attend RCR practices! ❤️) Kernel pointed out Loren Mutch (@mutchmayhem) was there to scrim and since 1) I admire her a ton and 2) she’d told me in an insta comment the other day to go say hi if I saw her, I did that. Then Kernel popped up all paparazzi style and got a photo which is something I maybe should’ve thought of myself lmao, but didn’t, and so again I’m grateful to Kernel. Thanks for being rad Mutch and saying hello to me! I’m excited to come to a handful more practices while I’m here, including the open scrimmage this Sunday! Woop woop 🙃✨. . . . . #rosecityrollers  #wheelsofjustice  #beckerdoesportlandmetro  #meetingderbyheroes  #soexcite  #ohman 


  1. helga.hufflepunk394

    Dude that's so awesome! We got to play Rose's B team at the last tournament we went to this season and they were no joke!

  2. libby_lou27

    Ooo man let me know next time u go and I'd totally join u

  3. foodiehiker

    wow! Was that you? Moved so quick 🙈