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This week we head up to South Park and explore some of the incredible high elevation #BLMWild  lands around Reinecker Ridge, one of the highest elevation BLM lands in the state. This unique ridgeline in South Park provides outstanding scenic resources and backcountry recreational opportunities, including big game hunting. BLM’s Reinecker Ridge and adjacent areas have extraordinary biological features, due to the inclusion of globally rare, unique rich fen wetlands and globally and state rare plants that have adapted to the rich fens, including the globally vulnerable Colorado Tansy-aster and other rare plant communities. The ridgeline also boasts a healthy mixed forest of limber and bristlecone pines, with the latter being among the longest living life forms on Earth! The Reinecker Ridge wildlands area, with its varied ecosystems and high biodiversity, also attracts a whole range of valued wildlife species. Reinecker Ridge has breeding ground for the globally vulnerable Mountain Plover. It provides habitat for the threatened species, Canadian lynx, an Dz endangered species candidate,dz boreal toad, a BLM sensitive species, Gunnison’s prairie-dog, and other valued species: elk, moose, mule deer, pronghorn, black bear, mountain lion, bobcat, ermine, goshawk, bald eagle, gold eagle, great horned owl, burrowing owl, and migratory snowy owl. The importance and significance of Reinecker Ridge is steeped in history. There is strong evidence of inhabitation by indigenous peoples as the Reinecker Ridge area has been populated by native peoples for millennia. Reinecker Ridge and the adjacent valley were highly valued hunting grounds, and possible tribe battlegrounds. Stepping even further back in history, Woolly mammoth fossils and bones, estimated at 20,000 years old, were found along the east face of Reinecker Ridge by the USGS in the 1930s. These incredible resources at Reinecker Ridge deserve protection and special management from the BLM Royal Gorge Field Office. Lend your voice of support in BLM’s upcoming Eastern Colorado Draft plan revision. @mypubliclands #SeeBLM  #yourpubliclands