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Making these are so easy and I’m having a ball filling them with so many different things. . . This is just cheddar cheese in a small pan. On medium heat. You’ll be afraid it’s going to burn, calm down and relax. I use a spatula to keep testing and once it starts to firm, I add the filling. This one is pulled pork with @alternasweets BBQ sauce. Roll slowly so that it sticks. Transfer to paper towel to cool and hardened. . . Who is going to make one of these?


  1. girlbrunning131

    @deadliftsandtireflips any cheese? Do you use oil or butter to coat pan? I want to try this soon!

  2. madamememe

    Are you putting oil or butter in the pan 1st? @deadliftsandtireflips

  3. iryshjem

    I think I'm gonna have to give this a try!

  4. caramel.damsel

    Ima try a chicken wrap with guac

  5. valzie77

    Aren’t they super salty? 🤭

  6. curvygirlgoesketo

    Meeeee... prob on thursday

  7. nicholle.cherie

    Just tried one with some pulled chicken and it was pretty good. Definitely need to remember to spread the cheese out a little more next time.

  8. henna_n_kuhl

    Was extra oil added

  9. henna_n_kuhl

    Soooo scared it will burn

  10. ozunaorlater

    Looks amazing!!

  11. alternasweets

    I'm going to try these for sure!!

  12. britt_ashlyn

    I must try this but I’m afraid it’ll end up burnt 😂

  13. madame_gutterfly

    I made tacos with cheese shells last night and my stomach said “no ma’am!” 😳 It was super tasty but I’m still bloated. 😩

  14. captainamber80

    I’m so going to try this! Thank you ❤️

  15. cjbmommy1

    Do you put oil or butter in the pan before you drop the cherse?

  16. kyliejo4182

    These are a staple in our family 👍

  17. ketogenicolle

    Omfg that looks sooo good! I've been seeing these around IG, gotta try it!

  18. ketokarelas

    Yum! I want! But fasting till Sat!

  19. chaneldelan

    The first time I did this I was so scared I was goin to burn it 😆 but it was so good. Now anytime cheese falls directly onto the skillet I leave it there until it gets crunchy and then eat it lol

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