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Here’s a close-up. Are they the same plant🤔? #GardenTime #propagation #bbshighgarden #succulents #多肉植物 #sukulent #suculentas #succulentgarden #gardening #succulentlife #pink #red #gardenlife #suculentas #gardentherapy #succulent #plants #plantlife #succulentcollector #succulentsofinstagram



    I'm afraid to answer 🤣 I think it looks different. Leaves are very thin but I've been wrong many times

  2. mustlovetoast

    I have a lot of Graptopetalum Copper Roses and they look so much like Vera Higgins I can barely tell them apart. Could that be it?

  3. bbshighgarden

    @jazirl @lcmomof2

  4. captainjanegay

    It might be the same plant but grown under different conditions. Differences in planting medium can have a huge effect on the shape of succulent leaves.

  5. thediva05

    No parece la misma. La forma de las hojas es distinta

  6. dyjmae

    I have an Alpen glow that looks like your mystery plant

  7. me_garita

    No es la misma

  8. illumined_elements

    The one you are holding looks similar to a baby graptoveria Fred Ives and the ones to the right remind me more of sedeveria?

  9. gojojobee


  10. emysabelle

    It’s the same. The one you’re holding is just a little more stressed that the others.

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