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Here’s a close-up. Are they the same plant🤔? #GardenTime #propagation #bbshighgarden #succulents #多肉植物 #sukulent #suculentas #succulentgarden #gardening #succulentlife #pink #red #gardenlife #suculentas #gardentherapy #succulent #plants #plantlife #succulentcollector #succulentsofinstagram


  1. captainjanegay

    It might be the same plant but grown under different conditions. Differences in planting medium can have a huge effect on the shape of succulent leaves.

  2. me_garita

    No es la misma

  3. mustlovetoast

    I have a lot of Graptopetalum Copper Roses and they look so much like Vera Higgins I can barely tell them apart. Could that be it?

  4. dyjmae

    I have an Alpen glow that looks like your mystery plant

  5. thediva05

    No parece la misma. La forma de las hojas es distinta

  6. emysabelle

    It’s the same. The one you’re holding is just a little more stressed that the others.


    I'm afraid to answer 🤣 I think it looks different. Leaves are very thin but I've been wrong many times

  8. gojojobee


  9. bbshighgarden

    @jazirl @lcmomof2

  10. illumined_elements

    The one you are holding looks similar to a baby graptoveria Fred Ives and the ones to the right remind me more of sedeveria?

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