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SUNDAY FUNDAY: Please enjoy my Classic margaritas topped up with prickly pear Soda!
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  1. thelady_withthe_cradleglass

    Looks delicious and I’m intrigued by the prickly pear soda! Does your imagination ever petered out?

  2. urbanoutletaus

    I think you are officially my new favourite page.....a woman that speaks to my heart!

  3. floating_cocktails

    These are looking sooo good😋😋

  4. wildherbevents


  5. fosspirits

    Looks delicious 🍹

  6. _socialmix

    They look so good and sound amazing

  7. minnesolie

    There are those glasses again!!!! Love them.

  8. beautifulbooze

    Love the prickly pear!

  9. garnish_girl

    If you insist! :-)

  10. trufflesontherocks

    These two colours together are perfect!

  11. thecorporatemummy

    I need one of these 🙋‍♀️

  12. cocktailsbykurtis

    Yes please!!

  13. supremespiritsco

    We love margaritas! Love the presentation. Well done!

  14. brickyarddwtn

    Absolutely gorgeous! ~Sharyn

  15. otr_tally

    I’ll take one!! 😍

  16. theacademydrinks

    Oh my these call to me! I want them!!

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