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Ohmygod.. seriously?
He has a shop where he is selling THIS FOR $100. k i l l  m e.
#Cristali #Zafiro #CristaliTracer #Valdroxx #ValdroxxStudios #BanCristali #StopCristali


  1. b3tawolfi

    im looking at her last name .... SAPHIRRE?!

  2. oogaboogaexposingsquad

    Oh. My. God 🍑

  3. __lil.mistake__

    Jesus christ what the fuck I cant believe this shit

  4. pastel_shayla

    I rather pay $100 at the Slik market than cristali stupid merch

  5. sweet_peatea

    even so like i dont have much of a problem with him selling merch ITS Just ITS SO OVERPRICED LIKE WHO WOULD BUY THAT THING FOR 100? MY GOD

  6. exkssite

    hes thirsty for money

  7. spetfireofficial__

    Who would buy it? 1st, it's traced. 2nd, he didn't put effort on it,it's just a "draw" of Zafiro and the background is just white. Stupid pay for THIS 100$. 3rd, I can make it better but still I will not want 100$ for it,maybe 5-7$ or less.

  8. oka_lishi

    As if someone would by this censored thing😂

  9. _.catface._

    Jeez I was thinking I was hot but that's a lot for a trace work 😒😓

  10. the_artistic_kid

    Cristalis college block costs 12€ when I can buy a much better looking one for 1€

  11. souffle35

    Lmao i can just print dat shit on paper