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When eating out locally and also partaking in the "salad bar" ha! 28 day aged filet and grilled shrimp. Swipe for the "salad"... I did get a few questions from the curious side of the family. With my wife ever so bored with my speaking about diet, I simply said I'm in a ham and cheese mood 🤣. No one can argue with my results as they've seen me change over the last year and a half. Most are shocked when they see that I really don't diet or restrict calories. I simply eat meat for the most part. I do enjoy challenging people's fixed ideas and beliefs. But one thing is certain, nutrition ranks up there with politics and religion in terms of dinner conversation avoidance. Each to his own. Let all enjoy their dinner without opinion and all will be fine. Now after dinner, it's game on😉...Time to dispel the harmful myths and propaganda that are killing us slowly and creeping their way into our governing bodies. Time to push the truth into the limelight: 1. Animal based nutrition trumps plant based. 2. Animal fats and proteins are essential, carbs/veggies/fruits/nuts/roots/legumes are NOT. 3. High cholesterol has nothing to do with CVD and mortality. 4. Grains, sugar, vegetable and seed oils will cause damage over time 5. #meatheals . . . . . #keto  #ketogenic  #ketoadapted  #ketogenicdiet  #ketowoe  #ketosis  #ketolife  #nocarb  #ketodiet  #ketofood  #ketorecipes  #ketocooking  #zerocarb  #carnivore  #Intermittentfasting  #fitlife  #losefat  #lchf  #grainfree  #ketocommunity  #antiinflammatory  #lowcarbnograins  #fatloss  #dadbod  #ketonians  #fitover50  #family  #zc  #carnivorediet 


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    I agree with you for the most part, but I think being careful about our food source is important, so where do you get your meats mostly? Also, I have another question.haha I’ve always considered shrimp to be a bad food since it’s considered a bottom feeder. I know it’s low in saturated fats, high in iodine, and other things. However, I don’t eat shrimp, but wanted to ask. Also, cheese can be questionable, since most of it is processed as some meats are processed. Okay!! I’m preparing for your come back!☺️

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