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More happy mail today - that silver blingy one is one of my favs. This one represents 80,000 PRV which equals $147,2000 NZD since I started πŸ™‚ we get 10,000 PRV charm for each 10,000 achievement, 50,000 at that benchmark, then 10,000’s until 100,000!!! I’ve got my eyes set on that mother of bling πŸ™‚ The 2000 PRV one you receive when you have Sales over $3680 NZD in a month. Thank you to all my amazing hosts and customers for your support, loyalty, and sticking-with-me 😘 Now more than ever. Scentsy truly is my space of is what brightens each day, it’s a place of escape after sad stuff, it’s my place of celebration of life, it’s my sorority of sisters and misters world wide, and it’s a part of my soul! I am grateful and so honoured to be YOUR Scentsy Lady πŸ™‚ Thank you for all you do! πŸ’“#twbsnap  #grateful  #blessed  #award  #charms  #scentsysoul 


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