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I did this painting about a year ago... time for Varnish today.  42,000 bonus points to all those who correctly identify this humble casita. #pleinairpainting #oilpainting #oiloncanvas 
15”x30” O/C 
#marstonhouse #eucalyptus #greenlawn #normhere


  1. dickrichie

    I want to jump into that painting and live there with Mary Poppins style.

  2. scottsteepleton

    Marston House? 😂😂

  3. beggarstaff

    Marston House!

  4. leagueoto


  5. svictory19

    I love that house. The heating unit in the basement is crazy!!!!!!!

  6. hellborracho

    I love how you handle light in your work

  7. klongcindy

    Awesome piece Norm

  8. cheetobronze

    Love this painting!!!!!!!!!

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