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  2. cosmic_seed

    That’s fucked up lol

  3. zachkeldelic

    Sounds like the back door to Gods house 😂

  4. radiclebags

    Happy 9/20 day! 🍄☯️❤️☮️🔥🕉🙏 For those of you who do not know, today, 9/20 is recognized as the day of the Psilocybin mushroom. While not recommended for everyone, Psilocybin has the power to reset our negative perceptions and ego-driven actions and limited self understanding. Mushrooms can transform humans out of depression, ptsd, anxiety, materialism, selfishness, pride, apathy and even hate. Mushrooms can bring forth empathy, love, compassion, understanding, enlightenment and my favorite, a more awake conscious awareness of the truths behind the facade of the building blocks of greed of the material reality we have all succumbed to. When you ingest Psilocybin, your body metabolizes and strips it’s phosphate molecule, creating Psilocin (4-HO-DMT). These “God molecules” , as they have been called, have the power to transform humanity and save the human race. If you have never tried psilocybin mushrooms, Swim (someone who isn’t me) suggests researching and finding a more experienced friend or “guide” to help you through your first journey. The complexities of this life when unraveled can be quite startling for first timers. When peering through the looking glass of you own soul, Swim thinks it may be very beneficial to have an experienced friend to reassure you that it is all ok, and just to be there for comfort. While the truth can sometimes be very deeply and temporarily saddening, the light will shine towards the end of your voyage and the beauty of the truth itself will manifest new love and light in your own existence. You are going to be ok, you’ll just never be the same. 😉 You are now awake. Note: IMO- Mushrooms were given to us in order to help those seeking to help themselves, looking inward. Athough abused by many in the party scene, they are not to “party”

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