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  1. ayd_lud

    The Gaurdian

  2. xai.caxa

    The Goddess beat everyone in this post

  3. im_xander_05

    The agent

  4. im_xander_05

    And its spelled guardian not gaurdian

  5. carsonhudgins14

    Half of these words are the same.

  6. sanskrita._

    Did you just call Maria Hill a sidekick??

  7. haz.sushi

    Its guardian

  8. l.calica


  9. mahi.singh129

    Captain and black window

  10. navier_15

    The witch

  11. doestradyn


  12. chi.4773

    Wtf we all hate that one girl Sharon? Shannon?

  13. chi.4773

    What about Miranda May she badass af

  14. karina_bel99

    The Avenger and The Captain Marvel

  15. coopy.11

    Black widow

  16. festivestark

    ok woah all my stans in a post woahh

  17. _lukeulele_

    Shuri is the best

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