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Not all that slice are apples. Seriously though, this turned out so interesting! I'm trying to figure out how I can get the apple slicer off the thing without destroying it. Or maybe it could just be fired with the thing in there? It would leave the metal part but it could work. Must experiment!! . More like this ---> Don't forget to follow:➡ @Michael.G.Fishman 😎 ✅ 😍 * ✅🐶💓 * 🌸 Tag & Share with your Friends⤵ ➖ #potterystudio  #potterylife  #poterie  #pottery  #potteryporn  #ceramics  #potteryplace  #potterywheel  #ceramic  #tableware  #陶器  #clay  #potterylove 


  1. yaplukacrafter

    Superbe 🦄

  2. peluziitalove


  3. karendaneshvari


  4. ca.ceramics

    I am so gonna try this to make handles!

  5. jash308

    Here's a friendly reminder, please do not use the same slicer for apples 😁😁

  6. frances1911

    Nice handles

  7. blastosupreme

    I actually did something like this when I was in college. I just made the cylinder a bit taller and ran a trimming wire over the cutter.

  8. scaryboochert

    I would make one out of fishing line and an embroidery hoop! Then just cut the lines 😊

  9. giannini.home


  10. oceanhazeceramics

    I’d throw a separate smaller one to use as a base. Make it just a couple of inches high and with a thin lip. Put it aside and then do the video version. Cut the lengths with a cheese wire and lift off (timing essential -not too soft or hard) and place down over the smaller one, applying pressure around the base. Could be interesting or a total disaster!

  11. heart_and_heather

    @auntie_hope I might have to try this

  12. daves_ceramic_art

    Could you slice partway down then attach a ring of clay around the top that is sliced to hold the strips together? Then finish the slicing and turn the whole thing upside down?

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